Monday, April 21, 2008

Blood Donation Websites

I read in a newspaper that there are couple of websites that help the people who desperately need blood and they can locate the donors by city wise and area wise in India.

Blood Donation Websites:

* Bharat Blood Bank
* Indian Blood Donors and
* Friends2Support.

While registering into these websites, we have to provide all our details exactly as it is as the people who would be contacting us would be in need of blood. Whenever we donate blood, we have to make sure we update these websites too.

Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust (CCT):

Meanwhile, Chiranjeevi, popular Telugu Cinema Hero launched his own Charitable Trust called as Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust to help the needy by providing them with blood and also eye donation. Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust operates Chiranjeevi Blood Bank and Chiranjeevi Eye Bank and motivates the general public through the charisma of Chiranjeevi to promote blood donations and eye donations.

Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust has been started with two most important objectives:

1. To effectively bridge the gap between the demand and supply of safe and screened blood in the society.
2. To bring down the rate of blindness and help the visually impaired in the society.

Besides these core focus areas, Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust has certain long term objectives too, they include:

* Provide Health Aid to the needy and the underprivileged.
* Establish and Maintain Blood banks, Eye Banks, Artificial limbs centers, research centers. Identifying various other areas where measures are required to provide better medical relief to a larger number of people quickly and effectively.
* Establish and Maintain Institutes for the treatment and rehabilitation and recreation of mentally and physically challenged children and adults.
* Provide Educational support to poor children, establishing educational centers, provide monetary aid to the deserving students through scholarships, stipends and so on.
* Establish and maintain Libraries for educational aid.
* Establish and maintain Old Age homes for the poor and sick.
* Establish and Maintain Hostels for destitute children.
* Establish and maintain Vocational training centers for the poor and destitute women and children
* To identify and carry out any other act that is necessary to realize the above objectives.

By going through the objectives of the trust, I started donating blood at CCT since the past 3-4 years - if no one contacts me through the blood donation websites.

Please register yourselves at the above mentioned websites and payback to the society.

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