Monday, April 21, 2008

Why I Started This Blog

I got this habit of donating blood on my birthday (14th March) since 1998, that's when I met my classmate, Mr. Bharadwaj while doing my MBA at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.
He's got this good habit of donating blood on his birthday and I lapped it up. I thank him for the same and pray God to provide him with good health.

Initially, I used to donate four times a year and slowly decreased to three times and now, it is two times and I will try to go back to three times. The reason for decreasing from three times to two times is the timing of my donation. I donate on March 14th and since Mahatma Gandhi is my idol, I donate blood on his birthday, which falls on October 2nd. We need to have atleast three months gap between each blood donation.

Since I donate blood regularly, I thought it would be good if I start off a blog on blood donation and try to bring others on board.

This is a very small service that Iam trying to give back to the society which gave me so much.

I would be happy if anyone want to share their experiences and information on blood donation. I would quote them and add another post in this blog.

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suparnaroy said...

awesome! its a wonderful act...Good keep going.